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Your eyesight is precious...We make no compromises in seeking the very best solution for your visual needs.

About Us:

When we opened our doors in 1967, we were the area's first independent optical store. People loved our low prices and one-on-one service. They still come here for exactly the same reasons. If you are one of those people.. then your patronage has allowed us to serve more than 100,000 happy customers over 30 years. Caring attitudes and personal attention make purchasing glasses or contacts at Grant's a very satisfying experience. Going "the extra mile" is standard for us. We hope that you'll "experience the difference" soon at either one of our stores.

At Grant's our emphasis is NOT on making glasses in an hour... and we don't insult your intelligence with continual half price or 2-for-1 sales. We DO devote time and personal attention to each person. Our goal is the BEST eye care possible for each individual.

Accurate and Fast Filling of Eyeglass Prescriptions:

We care about the filling of your eyeglass prescription. We don't just dispense glasses at Grant Eyeglasses, we make them right on the premises. Your prescription will be precisely and carefully filled. Your vision must be the best it can be. We take the time and care, for you.

It's no real trick to have most prescriptions ready in an hour, as the chain store TV commercials say...but that doesn't mean they're accurate.

There's nothing more irritating than wearing a pair of one-hour glasses with a prescription that's "almost right".

Glasses are precision instruments, not fast food. Our skilled technicians can make your glasses in about an hour, but they prefer to take just a little more time to make sure your prescription is followed precisely.

That can eliminate a lot of headaches.. literally.

Latest Technology in Lenses:

Eyeglass lenses look simple, but can be quite complex. You can trust our Opticians for guidance on the latest and best technology in thin lightweight lenses, multifocal designs and lens coatings. We're a Hoya and Varilux Trusted Partner and we're proud to make available to you the finest lenses in the world. Our Opticians are highly skilled in making glasses to your exact specifications using the best choice of materials for your particular needs and budget and...we guarantee satisfaction.

Wide Selection of Eyeglass Frames:

You can choose from a host of frames... hundreds of styles in many colors and materials. Your choice of eyewear says more about you than even the clothes you wear. Style, quality, color, weight, material, design, and coast are important. At Grant's we stock the best styles with value and workmanship we know our customers like. Come in and try on a new Calvin Klein, Silhouette, Juicy Coutuve, Valentino, Ted Baker, Lulu Guiness, Via Spiga, Daniel Swarovski, Mau Jim, Vera Wang, Cynthia Rolwley, Silhouette, Elegance, Silhouette Minimal X Kids, Silhouette Titan and Cazal. Grant's Opticians are ready to help you select just the right frame. Many styles have matching sunglass clip-ons, they're really convenient and work great.

Money-Saving Repairs:

We can repair just about any pair of glasses.

We believe in the old school of business. We like to fix glasses, where possible, so you get more good from them. In our throwaway society, it seems everyone suggests you throw away and buy new.

If you have a broken pair that's fixable, we'll do it... usually for no more than $20 to $40. Then, when it's time to get new ones, we'll let you apply the repair expenses against a new pair.

That means we may be able to keep a favorite pair of yours working, for just a few dollars... and that'll save you a lot of dollars. We can also put in tints, take out tints, add ultra-violet blocking to protect your eyes from the sun, anti-reflective coating.. even mirror coating to help you see better in all kinds of light.

Our Low Prices:

At Grant's our prices are usually even less than the big "low price" chain stores. We belong to a 250-member merchant's buying group. They help us get the highest quality products, yet they also negotiate for lower prices so we can charge you lower prices.

Our Warranty:

Besides offering the newest styles, having highly trained people who do it right, and having low prices, we also warranty every new pair of glasses for a full year. If a defect EVER occurs, we will take care of it at no charge.


Take your choice of sunglass styles:

We make prescription sunglasses to fit you perfectly with no glare or eye strain. And you'll never again need hassle with the big eyeshades that scratch your prescription lenses when they go over your regular glasses. Our non-prescription selection beats about anything you'll see anywhere. you can choose from about 150 different styles on display.

Get prescription sunglasses in "name brand" sunglass or "designer" frames:

If you like the cool designer styles of sunglass frames, but you need a prescription - get both! We'll mount lenses for your prescription in designer frames. Bring your own frames or choose from our selection of Maui Jim, Ocean Waves, Costa Del Mar, Columbia, Bollé, Silhouette, Juicy Couture and more.

Get non-prescription sunglasses to fit over your contact lenses:

Contact lenses cause many people discomfort in bright light. Contacts cause light to focus more brightly on your retinas.

How long will it take to get my sunglasses?

We have our own on-site laboratory. That means we can make your glasses in about an hour, if you need them quick. We've been doing that since the 1970's...long before the chains started advertising it. Even difficult, precision prescriptions take only about three days.

Different Glasses for Different Needs:

Bifocal lines get in the way of your golf swing?

Not any more. Grant's makes you golf glasses, so the bifocal line does not interfere, when you address the ball. yet, you can still read the menu at the 19th hole.

Forced to play contact sports without your glasses because you're afraid they'll break?

Not any more. Grant's sports glasses are made with guaranteed "phoenix" shatter-proof lenses to protect your eyes.

Swimming, diving or snorkeling in blurry underwater world?

Not any more. From now on, your vision will be crystal clear...thanks to the prescription-ground swimming goggles and dive masks from Grant Eyeglasses.

Does the sun glaring off the water keep you from catching "The One That Got Away?"

Not any more. Our polarized fishing glasses eliminate water surface glare to make sure that "The One That Got Away" never gets away again. Grants can even customize your fishing glasses for the type of fishing you do.

Do the kids break their glasses at least as often as they skin their knees?

Not any more. Our special "kid resistant" lenses are made of unbreakable phoenix. you'll have to ask somebody else about the skinned knees, though.

We have computer glasses, music glasses, sewing glasses, and more! Grant Eyeglasses can analyze your job or hobby, then design the lenses to fit your special needs.

Personal Hearing Care:

At Grant's, you'll find a complete, Independent Hearing Aid Manufacturing Center. We offer high quality, personal hearing care services including all major brand hearing instruments, all-make repairing, and on-site custom made hearing instruments. We can even re-circuit your present in the ear hearing aid. This means we can eliminate the "middle-man" to bring you factory direct, personal hearing care that promises the best prices.

Floyd M. Schell BC-HIS of Tropical Hearing Aid Center uses the same precision quality components as name brand companies to manufacture his own brand of hearing instruments, then sells them directly to you. You receive finely crafted hearing instruments, measured and fit exactly to your ear. Call (239) 274-8887 or e-mail : papa12x@comcast.net

Most big companies use the same or similar components to make their hearing instruments, then put their own higher prices on their brand. Mr. Schell uses those same components to precision-manufacture his own brand of hearing instruments, then sells them directly to you .  Call:  (239) 274-8887

Mr. Schell is fully Board Certified and is well qualified to help you hear better. All hearing aid products and services are guaranteed.

Call Tropical Hearing Aid Center today for a free hearing exam inside Grant Eyeglasses or, CLICK HERE to send an E-mail to Mr. Floyd Schell at Tropical Hearing Aid Center.

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